Introducing the Infinity Powered Swivel

Here at Bespoke Stairlifts we are continually seeking to improve the products and services available to our customers. As one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of high quality curved Stairlifts we are consistently developing our products enabling us to offer a greater range of mobility solutions.

Today, we are thrilled to announce the release of our new powered swivel option. Working closely with our development team we are introducing what we believe is the quietest, smoothest powered swivel available on the market. Available only on The Infinity Stairlift, we continue our history of providing safe, efficient and reliable products within the mobility sector. The Infinity Powered Swivel

Curved Stairlift

Assembled using, again, only the highest quality components, users will benefit from a variety of features to enhance the usability of The Infinity Stairlift. Primarily, we feel we have created a unit with near silent operation, effortlessly smooth transition, ensuring the user feels safe and confident at the most critical part of their journey.

We have developed a built in resistance within the unit, protecting against any arm trapping should the user encounter any obstacle during the swivel operation. Again, safety is paramount and our powered swivel will only function when The Infinity is docked at the top charge point and implements a two process operation eliminating the risk of any unwanted swivelling and guaranteeing user control.
The Infinity powered swivel unit is unique in the fact that when installed does not increase the height of the seat; this is because the components are cleverly positioned within the unit enabling smaller users to continue to feel safe when exiting the stairlift. The Infinity powered swivel has the capacity to be retro-fitted should any user require the functionality of a powered swivel at a later date installation is a fast and simple process for any stairlift engineer.

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