Are you keeping your stairlift customers waiting?

With increased access to the internet, your stairlift customers are able to research their stairlift products more than ever before.

This also means your customers can see that despite a wide range of suppliers, many are offering the same products.

By providing a Bespoke Stairlift, you can set yourself apart from your competitors. Our infinity curved stairlifts come with our quick turnaround guarantee, so you’ll never keep your customers waiting.

Our build time within 5 working days promise means you can provide your customers with a quality product in record time. Since September 2016, Bespoke Stairlifts have focussed on this aspect of our service, and in March and April over 90% of our lifts were produced in a record 4-5 working days from dealer/client approval.

We know some trade suppliers/manufacturers can’t match these timescales for single orders, and so by choosing Bespoke Stairlifts, you can close every sale with a guarantee to install within 10 working days.

Drawing turnaround is two days (faster if you provide us with CAD drawings) and our curved stairlifts have a variety of features to suit your customers’ needs, such as 24 stone weight limit as standard and unique wide comfortable seat.

Our extra service means your company will stand out from the crowd and you can provide your customers with a quality stairlift without keeping them waiting.

Find out more about becoming a partner today.

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