Decrease your installation time without compromising on quality

Joints can be a pain when it comes to your installation time. At Bespoke, we know that our dealers appreciate efficiency without compromising on our high standards. That’s why our CAD Engineer Dave Johnstone worked closely with our bending machine supplier to develop new rail models that reduce the number of rail joints by up to 30% compared to other traditional rail designs.

As a stairlift dealer, you can benefit from the reduction in joints in a number of ways:

  • Easier rail alignment means faster installation and reduced time on site
  • The reduction in joints also means a significantly smoother ride quality
  • You can offer your customers faster production and lead times
  • Your packaging and shipment costs will also be significantly reduced

This innovative approach has also transferred to multi-flight lifts, where typical rail design has reduced from six to four joints.

Below, you’ll find an example of how we have reduced the rail section for one of our customers while keeping them to a manageable size for transport and handling. No section is heavier than 15kg and we still maintain our high standards so that you can offer your customers a trustworthy and reliable stairlift option.

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Customer example:

Curved Stairlift

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