We’re flexible so you can offer your customers more

The 44mm twin rail system we use is an industry standard and is also used in more countries and on more stairlifts than any other configuration for nearly 40 years.

Because of this, we made sure our Infinity Stairlift fits this standard, giving you the flexibility to repair, replace and renew your customers’ stairlift without having to buy expensive component parts.

The Infinity Stairlift offers a smoother ride, less noise and comes with 2 years parts warranty. That means that when you’re customers have issues with their lifts, rather than dealing with software upgrades or hardware changes you can simply give them a new carriage.

What’s more, this carriage is a simplified, cost-effective and reliable lift that’s designed to be installed in under three hours and is easily serviced by our engineers.

By using a rail system that’s identical to other stairlift providers, we can offer even more flexibility with our products. This also means that you can offer your customers a better service and a more reliable product.

So if your customers are in need of a repair, talk to us first about our flexible options and give your customers more.

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